ARA'S E-UGS/Pathfinder Highlighted for Border Surveillance Capabilities

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ARA'S E-UGS/Pathfinder Highlighted for Border Surveillance Capabilities

ARA is leading the way in threat route detection and monitoring systems. Our product, Pathfinder, is the next generation of our Expendable Unattended Ground Sensor (E-UGS) system. Pathfinder allows users to remotely monitor human foot traffic over wide areas and with longer battery life than other products on the market.

Next Generation Border Security Tested By The United States Military

Pathfinder works by seismically detecting ground disturbances and transmitting that information via radio communication up to 15 kilometers at ground level and in excess of 25 kilometers when elevated. Placing several Pathfinder sensors in strategic locations allows users to identify threat movement patterns, routes, key locations, and intent, without adversaries knowing that they are being monitored and well BEFORE they can cause damage or inflict harm. The covert nature of Pathfinder gives users more control over when and where to confront potential threats, thus, improving overall user decision-making ability and effectiveness of response.

E-UGS, the original ARA sensor solution, has caught the attention of multiple agencies including the U.S. military and government officials. “This technology has been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq,” said ARA’s Chief of Counter Threat Technology Operations, Robert Jones in an interview with Inverse. E-UGS have additionally been used around combat outposts to protect soldiers from surprise ambush by enemies, as well as in counter-recon/mortar/sniper roles and to monitor adversary route networks and behaviors.

Combat experience doesn’t always say it all – Pathfinder has received tremendous reviews and praise from three certified US Army test and evaluation agencies:

  • Army Test and Evaluation Command
  • US Army Maneuver Battle Lab
  • Brigade Modernization Command

In addition to successful military use, the next generation Pathfinder can provide useful services in areas such as cross-border security, counter terrorism/trafficking/narcotics, critical infrastructure protection, and private security.