On Battle Updates: Ground Sensors as Virtual Sentries

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On Battle Updates: Ground Sensors as Virtual Sentries

One of the largest misconceptions with physical security products today is assuming that these solutions have all been tested in real-world scenarios. Whether it’s stopping a common thief in their tracks or being used in a military conflict, it’s important for customers to understand when and how products have leveraged this experience.

This especially holds true for footstep detection systems. Only a select few have passed the stringent tests required by the military and have been used in combat. Pathfinder’s predecessor, E-UGS, was one of these few and using the feedback and lessons learned from the United States Military it’s become the next-generation sensor we offer today.

Pathfinder and its Predecessor Prove Their Worth in Real-World Scenarios

Often times military forces must simultaneously protect their own vulnerable bases and also monitor a huge area of possible infiltration. Unmanned aerial vehicles and ground sensors both play a role here, but with improvements in technology and direct military feedback, the newest generation of footstep detection sensors are capable of providing more situational awareness than ever before.

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