Top 10 Security Systems Integrators

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Top 10 Security Systems Integrators

Security Systems Integrators are Growing

The current growth in the physical security market has been predicted to hit double digit percentages over the next couple of years. This has left security systems integrators to take on a larger role in guiding enterprise security teams through a number of threat based scenarios and technologies. That doesn’t mean the market is an easy one. It’s currently filled with top notch competitors who are cutting into your profit margins at every corner.

51% of systems integrators (SIs) believe that the upcoming year will provide better funding for security projects. This goes along with the fast growing market predictions made in SDM’s yearly SI update.

These top 10 United States security systems integrators have made a name for themselves in the security market, and for good reason. Take a second and learn more about what they do right:


SAIC has been placed at the top of multiple industry leader lists over the past four decades of doing business. They’ve held the honors of being listed on Bloombergs Top 100, Forbes Top Veteran Employer, and Fortune’s Most Admired Companies, to name a few. With headquarters in Virginia, SAIC is one of the United States largest security system integrators.

SAIC has dealt heavily with engineering program support, hardware integration, advanced analytics, and intelligence systems. They pride themselves with being the full lifecycle support for each technology solution they integrate.

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2. Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies is a service security integrator that focuses in electronic security, life safety, mass notification, enterprise communications, building automation, and health tech. Their market penetration covers just about everything under the sun. Their footprint ranges from, city wide protection, utilities, oil and gas, government, and transportation clients.

Convergint has in the past been recognized as the North American systems integrator of the year due to their strong partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. If they don’t have the best solution for the job, they’ll go out and make sure they find it. If you work with Convergint, you’ll be pleased to know no security solution has been force fit into your unique situation.

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3. Johnson Controls

While not every company is willing to provide insight into their projects, Johnson Controls captured the largest reported integrations contract of 2016, coming in at $17 million. Their merger with Tyco Integrated Security has helped solidify their top standing among competitors. Johnson Controls deals heavily in corporate building security with product integrations for access control, alarm systems, mass notification, and surveillance.

Of Johnson’s $37 billion in yearly revenue 10% is generated from system integration services, and they’ve only positioned themselves to grow that number. As they prepare to build more efficient operations through the partnership with Tyco, Johnson Controls is a company on the rise.

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4. Kratos PSS

Landing the #4 spot on SDM Mag’s 2016 Security Systems Integrators List, Kratos embodies their motto; ‘From Strength To Success.’ Kratos is considered one of the industry leaders of security system integration with focuses in access control, surveillance solutions, and intercommunications. They’ve formed two divisions, Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions and Kratos Defense Safety & Security Solutions. Each of which cater to public security needs and private government security needs, respectively.

Each Kratos client starts their contract with their “ilities” model of security systems. When finding solutions that work within each unique situation they look to understand how it interacts the client’s usability, maintainability, flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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5. Red Hawk Fire & Security

Red Hawk Fire & Security boasts a whopping 50,000 companies rely on their integration services across the United States. Red Hawk doesn’t drop in an ad hoc security program. They aim to find the right pieces for your current security technology landscape and integrate them into one seamlessly working system.

Since Red Hawk specializes in both fire and security, they have a wide ranging expertise. They understand the importance of fire systems, security services, life safety, call programs, remote monitoring, and preventative maintenance.

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6. Kastle Systems

Jennifer Graham, VP of Marketing at Kastle Systems predicted in SDM’s ‘Visions for Security’ that, “[By 2020] Security technology solutions will need to expand beyond physical security to encompass logical security, blurring the lines between the two and increasing the opportunity for seamless interoperability between multiple building systems.” And, to be clear Kastle Systems is living up to that sentiment.

In fact, Kastle places so much emphasis on staying up to date on security industry trends and technology advancements that they provide an in-house university. Their goal is to keep employees innovating, creating, and informed in order to provide clients with cutting edge security solutions.

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7. G4S

G4S has a long and esteemed history. In their early days they were awarded contracts from the Florida Governor to secure against the raging organized crime wave that was affecting the State. This eventually lead to security contracts with every public rest facilities. That was just the start of their major contracts, and from there G4S has branched out in multiple security services.

With such a rich history, G4S has quite the handle on creating customized physical security solutions for every enterprise imaginable. To date they’ve completed 1,500 security systems integrations.

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8. Vector Security

Vector Security sets itself apart from competitors by putting an overwhelming emphasis on commitment to customer service and dealer quality. Not just any dealer can walk through Vector’s door and expect to join the ranks of high profile security providers. With almost 60 registered product dealers, Vector relies on thriving, long-term relationships to make their program grow.

Dealer programs don’t always provide a solid book of support and resources. Vector Security has built their program on always being there for the contacts that need help. It’s their way of creating end-to-end perfect systems integrations for customers.

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9. Securadyne Systems

SD&I has put Securadyne Systems on the Fast50 list for four years running and shows no signs of slowing down. They’ve been able to manage the growth through multiple acquisitions of security systems integrators partnered with strong organic sales initiatives. What’s most impressive is their presence in the highly regulated utilities and critical infrastructure markets. The competition is fierce and only leaves from for the strongest organizations to survive, let alone scale aggressively.

Securadyne has created vertical teams to manage industry subject matter to give them the edge over competitors. These industry experts know all the ins and outs associated with their verticals and can provide a completely customized security solution to their clients.

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10. VTI Security

VTI Security has a wide range of products and services they offer prospective customers. Not to mention they’ve got connections in just about every market, both for physical and cyber security integration needs. With their vast range of services, markets, and geographical reach, VTI has been slowly, yet steadily, climbing the SDM list of Top Security Systems Integrators for the past few years.

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The security systems integrator market is expected to hit $580 billion by 2025, but these 10 organizations are continually considered the best in the industry. These companies are faced with providing their clients with the most up-to-date security systems, like Pathfinder, which places them under enormous strain. Have you taken the time to understand what lies beyond your perimeter? Take a look at what our security experts recommend.